Engage with your customers before, during and after their trip.

Invite Customers to the App

SafeTravels makes it easy to Invite customers to a trip. Through the web dashboard you can add passenger emails, and determine when the invite will be sent (i.e 2 weeks before trip commences).

Alternatively, you can provide your customers with a uniquely generated Trip Code that they can enter into the SafeTravels app to ‘join’ the trip.

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Send Important Updates to Group

SafeTravels lets you easily send news / updates to all customers on a trip. Your Activity managers and Guides can easily send messages while on the go through the app.

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Direct 1:1 Conversations with customers

Do you need to get in touch with a single member of the trip? The SafeTravels app lets you have direct one-on-one conversations with customers.

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Be Proactive and Schedule Messages

Be proactive and schedule messages that can be sent to the customer when they need this information most. Our scheduled messages allow you to schedule a message linked to an itinerary activity (i.e send 24 hours before trip commences).

It also provides an opportunity for you to be proactive in your customer service, by sending customers personalized messages to “check-in” throughout their trip.

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Multi-language message templates

Craft messages that you can save and re-use across all of your trips by creating message templates. You can further personalize these by using %%Placeholders%%. i.e “Hi %%Name%%” becomes “Hi Sally”.

You can also add multiple languages of message content to your templates. This allows the user to see the message in their language.

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Group Chat

Provide a place for your customers to interact with each other. The group chat feature allows customers to communicate with each other from the SafeTravels app. You have the ability to enable / disable this for a trip.

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A cost effective solution for Travel Agents.

SafeTravels is the most cost effective way to provide a mobile app solution to your customers.

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White-label app for Android
and iOS.

Remove all SafeTravels branding and make the service your own.

Adjust the features to match the unique needs of your company.