Enhance your Operations and Duty of Care with SafeTravels

Enhance Duty of Care

Enhance your duty of care to your customers by asking them to complete their SafeTravels Emergency Travel Profile, containing important information such as Emergency Contacts, Medical Conditions, Medications and Travel Insurance information.

In the event of a travel emergency during the trip, the Travel Guide / Manager will be able to access this information on their phones – even when offline

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Reduce unnecessary printing

Reduce the amount of paperwork and documents that your travel company prints for your customers by providing all of the information digitally through the SafeTravels app.

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Upsell Products to Customers

Send Product Offers to your customers at the point in time you think they are likely purchase. For example, send an New York Hotel Transfer offer 2 days before your customer has a flight arriving at JFK Airport.

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Centralise communciations

Use the SafeTravels app as the first point of call for your customers, providing a central point where they can reach you to discuss any issues.

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A cost effective solution for Travel Agents.

SafeTravels is the most cost effective way to provide a mobile app solution to your customers.

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White-label app for Android
and iOS.

Remove all SafeTravels branding and make the service your own.

Adjust the features to match the unique needs of your company.