SafeTravels has all of the features that Travel Agents need to provide important information to their customers, no matter where they are and what they are doing.

Itinerary Activities

Create an Itinerary Activity for every event of the trip and add important information and notes.

Your customer will have a detailed timeline of all of their itinerary in the app.

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Detailed Activity Information and notes

Add detailed information for every activity so that your customer has everything they need.

Your customers will receive a notification each time an update is made to the activity information.

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Personalised Alerts and reminders

Create a personalized reminder message for each activity type and define when it will be sent. The alert will automatically be sent to your customers for all trips.

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Multi-language content

SafeTravels lets you add Itinerary content in multiple languages. Great if you have customers on trips who speak different languages.

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Point to Point Navigation

Point to point map navigation and access destination guides linked to directly to the locations in their itinerary.

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Add Travel Documents

Add documents to your trip. You can add a document to the group, so that all customers can view in the app, or link to an individual customer, so only they can see it.

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Destination Guides

SafeTravels has guide content for 600+ destinations around the world. Destination Guide content is embedded into the customers trip itinerary information.

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Your Brand, Your Style

Personalise the trip by adding your business logo and images to the trip and activities. Or use our ‘built-in’ image library to display images for each location.

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A cost effective solution for Travel Agents.

SafeTravels is the most cost effective way to provide a mobile app solution to your customers.

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White-label app for Android
and iOS.

Remove all SafeTravels branding and make the service your own.

Adjust the features to match the unique needs of your company.